Thursday, 28 May 2015

Combined breast surgery and abdominoplasty

Combined breast surgery and abdominoplasty: Strategies for success. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, May 2015, Vol. 135(5), p.849(e)-860(e).

Matarasso, A. and Smith, D.M.

Abdominoplasty and breast surgery are frequently appealing to patients as combined procedures. The practice of combining abdominoplasty with other procedures originates from abdominoplasty performed in conjunction with intraabdominal or gynecologic surgery. Initially, the focus of combined surgery was on ensuring safety and minimizing local (e.g., wound healing) complications. As surgeons began combining abdominoplasty with distant procedures such as breast surgery, because the individual procedures have little adverse impact on one another and are not altered because of the combination, concerns with systemic morbidity surpassed the initial focus on avoiding local complications.