Thursday, 26 July 2012

Inferiorly based parenchymal flap mammaplasty

Inferiorly based parenchymal flap mammaplasty: A safe, reliable, and versatile technique for breast reduction and mastopexy. Plastic and reconstructive surgery, July 2012, Vol. 130(1), p.116e-125e.

Bonomi, S., et al.

 Breast reduction and mastopexy are among the most frequent procedures in aesthetic breast surgery. Many approaches have been described, and various types of dermaglandular pedicles for the nipple-areola complex have been used. The authors present a technique suitable for either mastopexy or breast reduction whereby the superior or superomedial pedicle supplying the nipple-areola complex is combined with an inferior dermaglandular flap to restore the upper pole fullness, thereby improving breast shape and projection.