Thursday, 4 February 2016

DIEAP flap for safe definitive autologous breast reconstruction

DIEAP flap for safe definitive autologous breastreconstruction
The Breast April 2016 Volume 26, Pages 59–66

Katrin Seidenstuecker, Carl van Waes, Beatrix I. Munder, Karel E.Y. Claes, Christian Witzel, Nathalie Roche, Filip Stillaert, Ajay L. Mahajan Christoph Andree, Phillip N. Blondeel

Breast cancer is the commonest form of cancer in women affecting almost a quarter of a million patients in the US annually. 30 percent of these patients and patients with genetic mutations undergo removal of the breast, as highlighted in a high profile celebrity patient. Although breast reconstruction with free microvascular transfer of a DIEAP flap from the abdomen is an ideal form of reconstruction, there have been misgivings about the complexity and potential complications. This study was aimed at clearing these misunderstandings and establishing the value of this form of breast reconstruction.