Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Vol 127 Iss 3 March 2011

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Acellular Dermal Matrix for the Treatment and Prevention of Implant-Associated Breast Deformities.
pg. 1047-1058
Spear, Scott L. M.D et al.

A Reliable Method for the Preoperative Estimation of Tissue to Be Removed during Reduction Mammaplasty.
pg. 1059-1064
Kocak, Ergun M.D et al.

Effect of Intraoperative Saline Fill Volume on Perioperative Outcomes in Tissue Expander Breast Reconstruction.
pg. 1065-1072
Crosby, Melissa A. M.D et al.

Preventing Venous Congestion of the Nipple-Areola Complex: An Anatomical Guide to Preserving Essential Venous Drainage Networks.
pg. 1073-1079
le Roux, Cara Michelle B.Biomed.Sc., B.Sc.(Hons.) et al.

Tissue Oximetry Monitoring in Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction Decreases Flap Loss and Improves Rate of Flap Salvage.
pg. 1080-1085
Lin, Samuel J. M.D et al.

Morbidity of Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction in Patients with Comorbid Conditions.
pg. 1086-1092
Seidenstuecker, Katrin M.D et al.

Stacked Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap Breast Reconstruction: A Review of 110 Flaps in 55 Cases over 3 Years.
pg. 1093-1099
DellaCroce, Frank J. M.D et al.

Optimal Timing of Delayed Free Lower Abdominal Flap Breast Reconstruction after Postmastectomy Radiation Therapy.
pg. 1100-1106
Baumann, Donald P. M.D et al.

Contouring the Inferior Pole of the Breast in Vertical Mammaplasty: Suction-Assisted Lipectomy versus Direct Defatting.
pg. 1314-1322
Akyurek, Mustafa M.D., Ph.D.

Sentinel Lymph Node Detection in a Patient with Subungual Melanoma after Transaxillary Breast Augmentation.
pg. 65e-66e
Graf, Ruth Maria M.D., Ph.D et al.